Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Propose to a to a Woman? Best Way To Do It Is With Antique Style Engagement Rings

Three years ago I proposed my current wife with antique style engagement rings, and we got married two years ago, and it's been the best time of my life. how can I get my sweetheart to say "yes", when I was going to kneel before her and ask that big question. Then we can be together forever! I wanted to something extra ordinary, and finally I figured out an action plan, which was cunning and worked very well. Then I decided the big day, and began the hunt the final element, more specifically, the ring.

At the beginning of my search I realized that there is great amount to make your pick from when speaaking of engagement rings. I must say, that I think that you can't exaggerate the signifinance of this selection process, choosing the proper ring for your special lady. The choice you make, how much her means to you? So are you going to get her that kind of ring what she deserves, believe me, the ring pays itself back in a long run. If you are unsure about her taste when it comes to engagement ring, make enquiries with her parents and friends. I advice you to do it even if you are quite sure that you know what she wishes, because these types of discussions could be among the ones she has with her friends or family.

I got myself a very usefull tip from her sister who told me that my special lady had wished for a blue diamond from childhood till today. There are huge variety of diamonds, so take your time to make up your mind. Metal to be used in the ring is very important factor also. Does she prefer gold, platinum or silver? No matter what you choose, don't have beautiful diamond set into some 10k low quality gold ring. That way the diamond is going to waste!

I found out that searching and eventually ordering the ring from online store proved to be good choice. I don't have that much free time and as a result of that I just couldn't have time to find out all the information I needed about the rings and diamonds, by visiting several jewelers’ shops in a town. I found out that it you get exactly same jewelry when buying from online, but for better price, since there less costs to manufacturers. Put that in your mind before hitting the shops!

Then I made my choice and ended up purchasing black diamond mounted in 18K gold ring. It was the right choice for us. I 'm going to wish you happy hunting for your search of antique style engagement rings!